Monday, 14 February 2011

Harken Youth International Match Racing Championships: Day One

by Kelly Gilkison

Australian Jay Griffin and Kiwis David Hazard & Codie Banks are locked together on top of the leader board at the end of day one at the 2011 HARKEN Youth International Match Racing Championships.

All three won a total of six races with two losses at the conclusion of racing today, when Round Robin one and one flight of Round Robin Two was completed.

The teams hit the dock this afternoon weary from a hard day’s racing on the Auckland Harbour in a fresh 15 knot easterly which made for fantastic spectator viewing from the Westhaven seawall. Many friends, family and sailing enthusiasts came down to watch the close match racing action.

The RNZYS Blue team helmed by David Hazard and his crew of Rawiri Geddes, Callum Jones & Sam Molesworth had a bunch of impressive wins beating their opponents by over one minute, his closest race being with Wellington’s Josh Porebski whom he beat by just 7 seconds. Hazard was pleased with his team’s performance on the water today, commenting ‘Yeah it was cool’.

The RNZYS Red team helmed by Codie Banks and Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s Jay Griffin also have a total of 6 wins and 2 losses. On count back Banks broke the tie having beaten Griffin by 35 seconds in Flight Two this morning.

Wellington’s Josh Porebski and Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s Jordan Reece are next overall with a total of five wins and three losses each.

Italian Valerio Galati being the highest ranked skipper in the series began the day with 2 wins out of 2 races. The Italians fought hard in the remainder of their races but couldn’t add anymore to their total. This puts Galati in fifth place overall alongside Wellington’s Adam Middleton with 2 wins and 6 losses each.

The Championship’s only female skipper, Stephanie Doyle representing the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club was unable to post any wins this morning but had some very close races and will be one to watch out for tomorrow.


Round Robin One
Flight On
Galati beat Doyle by 1m 22s
Hazard beat Reece by 1m 17s
Banks beat Porebski by 1m 2s
Griffin beat Middleton by 1s

Flight Two
Galati beat Hazard by 6s
Middleton beat Doyle by 1min 2s
Porebski beat Reece by 49s
Banks beat Griffin by 35s

Flight Three
Hazard beat Doyle by 1m 33s
Griffin beat Reece by 40s
Porebski beat Galati by 6s
Banks beat Middleton by 1m 29s

Flight Four
Porebski beat Middleton by 10s
Hazard beat Banks by 28s
Griffin beat Doyle by 47s
Reece beat Galati by 2m 31s

Flight Five
Hazard beat Griffin by DNF
Porebski beat Doyle by 1m 11s
Middleton beat Galati by 21s
Reece beat Banks by 45s

Flight Six
Griffin beat Porebski by 2s
Reece beat Doyle by 1m 26s
Hazard beat Middleton by 11s
Banks beat Galati by 58s

Flight Seven
Griffin beat Galati by 33s
Banks beat Doyle by 30s
Hazard beat Porebski by 7s
Reece beat Middleton by 18s

Flight One – RR2
Griffin beat Galati by 9s
Banks beat Doyle by 54s
Porebski beat Hazard by 14s
Reece beat Middleton by 22s

Standings – End of Round Robin Two Flight )
Hazard 6 wins / 2 losses
Banks 6 / 2
Griffin 6 / 2
Porebski 5 / 3
Reece 5 / 3
Galati 2 / 6
Middleton 2 / 6
Doyle 0 / 8

RNZYS Harken Youth International Match Racing Championships 2011 Entry List
1. Lega Navale Italiana Trani Trani, Italy
Helm Valerio Galati
Main Francesco Mastrogiacomo
Trim Marco di Domizi
Bow Francesco Mauro Manzi

2. Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Sydney, Australia
Helm Jordan Reece
Main James Shannon
Trim Arnau Farras-Knowles
Mid Anousha Fluck
Bow Kate Brown

3. Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Sydney, Australia
Helm Jay Griffin
Main Henry Kermot
Main Hamish Hardy
Bow Will Parker

4. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Sydney, Australia
Helm Stephanie Doyle
Main Elyce McClelland
Trim Gemma Rasdall
Mid Jack Nairn
Bow James Johnston

5. Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club Wellington, New Zealand
Helm Josh Porebski
Main Tim Coltman
Trim Michael Cook
Bow Stuart Williams

6. Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club Wellington, New Zealand
Helm Adam Middleton
Main James de Lisle
Trim Will Eastman
Bow Mackenzie Taylor

7. Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Auckland, New Zealand
Helm David Hazard
Main Rawiri Geddes
Trim Callum Jones
Bow Sam Molesworth

8. Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Auckland, New Zealand
Helm Codie Banks
Main Daniel Pooley
Trim Benny Butcher
Bow Jamie Dawson