Monday, 14 February 2011

Harken Youth International Match Racing Championships: Hazard (RNZYS) and Griffin (CYCA) through to Finals

Image copyright RNZYS media.

by Kelly Gilkison

David Hazard representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron continued his winning streak on the Auckland Harbour this afternoon beating his semi final opponent 2 wins to 1.

Hazard and crew won the first race over Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s Jordan Reece by 9 seconds, but Reece came back in the next, when Hazard got a DNF (Did Not finish) for sailing to the wrong top mark. In the final deciding race Hazard sailed clean and clear to take the win by 21 seconds and secure his place in the 2011 Harken Youth International Match Racing Championships finals.

Hazard commented about rounding the wrong top mark in race two. “We had a bit of a shocker” he laughs nervously, “We need to check the flags at the start. Apart from that we felt we were pretty fast overall”.

In the final race Hazard’s mainsheet hand Rawiri Geddes missed the hiking strap and fell in the water “lucky Rawiri was holding the mainsheet and managed to get himself back onboard pretty quick” he smiles with relief on his face.

Image copyright RNZYS media.

In the other semi final Jay Griffin representing the Cruising Yacht Club of Australian beat his opponent Josh Porebski in the first nail-bitter by just 1 second. Wellington’s Porebski fought hard in the next to win by a very comfortable 21 second margin. Then in another nail-bitter between this well matched duo Griffin grabbed another important win by just 5 seconds and now takes on Hazard in tomorrows first to win three races finals series.

Griffin, who is a second year Architectural student commented on his day “We got the crew work sorted today, but it was quite a tough day, weather wise, the Race committee did a really good job. We had clean starts which was good. We are confident going into tomorrow and looking forward to a good day.”

This leaves Porebski and Reece in the petit final, which is first to win two races. Chief Umpire Roger Purdy reported on the two Red Flag on-water hearings from both semi finals. “Both semi-finals had a wind shift of from 250 – 180 degrees, but with no disadvantage to either party in the match both were dismissed”.

Many of the teams fly to Wellington on Wednesday to compete in the CentrePort International Youth Match Racing Championships held at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club. Griffin also pointed out this will be his trimmer, Henry Kernot’s fifth regatta in a row!

Teams with the AC45. Image copyright RNZYS media.

The teams, umpires and race management enjoyed a great morning at the ACRM base watching the ACRM team put the new AC45 together which Squadron Member and ACRM On-water Operations Director Harold Bennett organised. The team was thrilled to have the opportunity to have a look at the new AC45s, what a great way to spend the morning!

In the minor placings sail offs Codie Banks (RNZYS) beat Italian Valerio Galati 2 – nil to take 5th place overall and Adam Middleton (RPNYC) beat Stephanie Doyle (RPAYC) 2 – nil to take 7th place overall.

The final and petit final begin tomorrow (Tuesday 15 February 2011) at approx 1100hrs. There is fantastic spectator viewing along the Westhaven Marina seawall.

Teams with the AC45. Image copyright RNZYS media.

Semi-Final One (Hazard chose to sail against Reece)
Flight One
Hazard beat Reece by 9s
Flight Two
Reece beat Hazard DNF
Flight Three
Hazard beat Reece by 21s

Semi-Final Two
Flight One
Griffin beat Porebski by 1s
Flight Two
Porebski beat Griffin by 21s
Flight Three
Griffin beat Porebski by 5s

5th place sail off
Flight One
Banks beat Galati by 12s
Flight Two
Banks beat Galati by 30s

7th place sail off
Flight One
Middleton beat Doyle by 8s
Flight Two
Middleton beat Doyle DNF

Schedule for Final Day

Hazard v Griffin

Porebski v Reece

Final Results
5th Codie Banks, Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
6th Valerio Galati, Lega Navale Italiana Trani
7th Adam Middleton, Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club
8th Stephanie Doyle, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club