Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kieler Woche : Tornado Speedsailing - Audi Sailing Arena - Best of Rock

Kiel Week, Audi Sailing Arena, Tornado Speed Sailing and Live TV - what more could you ask for....

Wake-boarding behind a Tornado. Image copyright Marina Könitzer.

by Roland Gaebler

For the first time in sailing history a race course has been named by a sponsor. The Tornado Class will be sailing every evening between the 18th and 26th June in the Audi Sailing Arena at the North end of the promenade outside the Kieler Yacht Club, Kieler.

The Audi Sailing Arena is just meters away from the crowds of Kieler Woche right in the heart of the city, some 3 million visitors from 60 nations visit the sailing regatta every year and will be watching the evening sailing action. Spectacular, high speed, wild manoeuvres and stunts are guaranteed!

It's a world premiere and we want to invite you!

Speed Sailing Races

Racing will commence every evening between 1530 and 1730hrs CET whether there is 1 knot or 30 knots of wind. Sailors from a range of nations and classes will battle it out in 6-8 short races a day to become the Speed Sailing Champions. All of the races will be commentated from next to the water so the crowds can understand the racing and feel the passion and emotion of the sailors.

As well as sponsoring the Sailing Arena, Audi will also sponsor 4 teams in the racing, the sailors will benefit from fully branded Audi boats and sails.

This is the third Speed Sailing Event for the Tornado Class, the launch of Speed Sailing was in Travemunde, Germany in late July last year. The second event was in the Czech Republic earlier in this year.

Travemunde Speed Sailing Video

On Board Cameras

The Tornado's will be fitted with on board cameras in 12 different positions over the 9 days of racing. Every evening the Tornado Class will be producing a 1-2 minute video of the day's action on their YouTube channel (

German Stars Try The Tornado

During the week a number of German sports stars will be given a ride on the Tornado from the boat park into the Audi Sailing Arena in the heart of the city.

Rock Bands

After racing legendary rock bands such as Saga, Alphaville, Barclay James and Harvest will play to entertain the crowds right next to the Audi Sailing Arena.

Media, Live TV and 3D Tracking

Kieler Woche spectators. Supplied image.

Top German TV channels will be following the action live from the Sailing Arena along with ( who will run a direct feed for the sailing World to see between 1630 and 1730hrs CET.

This event will produce fantastic media value for the sailors taking part and their sponsors across the World. There has not been another beach catamaran that has received so much media attention at one event.

3D boat tracking is also available through

Tornado Wake Boarding

Roland and Nahid Gaebler kick started the week in style by taking a wake boarder for a ride behind their Wirsol Tornado.


Welcome to the Audi Sailing Arena..... where the ultimate sailing action happens!

Team Gaebler
Kieler Woche