Monday, 20 June 2011

Team Boskalis in starting blocks for Nacra Infusion Worlds 2011

Pim Nieuwenhuis (NED), a sailing partner of Mitch Booth, moves to Team China and the America's Cup after the 2011 Nacra Infusion Worlds

Team Boskalis in action. Image copyright Team Boskalis.

by Diana Bogaards

Team Boskalis is in the starting blocks for the 2011 Nacra Infusion Worlds on Texel, Netherlands, to be sailed from Monday 20 till Wednesday, June 22. The four crews aim for the first World Title ever in this one design class during the Zwitserleven Sailing Week. The foursome is in good shape. The boats are up to speed and the sailors are well prepared. Because it is the first officially ISAF recognized World Championship Nacra Infusion, all participants are more than ever anxious for this coveted title. Especially Team Boskalis.

'We all go for a top three ranking and preferably the highest podium,' said Team Manager Gunnar Larsen (NED). 'All four have a chance. We do have strong competitors, but we have proven that we can do it. Last weekend at the North Sea Regatta all four teams finished in the top ten. In order to prepare us, we have had daily training sessions since May. That's the power of Team Boskalis. We are all very motivated to win, but we share knowledge and experience as well. That makes us better sailors. On the course we go for the kill, even among ourselves, but once we are out practicing, we help each other to achieve a higher level. This is why it makes no difference to us which of our teams will win, as long as it is one of us '.

Pim Nieuwenhuis moves to America's Cup

For the time being the Zwitserleven Sailing Week is going to be the last regatta for Pim Nieuwenhuis (NED) at Team Boskalis. Nieuwenhuis is now part of the America's Cup Team China as a genua trimmer and he will focus full time on that prestigious yachting event. Larsen: 'This is a career opportunity that he can not miss. It's very nice that one of us gets the opportunity work for such a professional project. That is entirely his own merit, but it is nice to know that we gather good people around us with Team Boskalis. In my view the America's Cup and the Olympics are the highest in catamaran sailing and perhaps in the sailing sports anyway. We are looking for a new helmsman for Ferdinand van West, with whom he can finish the season. This takes time, because we do not want the first best.'

Jamie Leitner

It is the second time that the Australian Jamie Leitner takes part in the Zwitserleven Sailing Week, and together with his teammate Adam Beattie he is ready for it. Last year, Leitner and Beattie gained a fifth place at the International Championships Nacra Infusion on Texel. Leitner: 'Later in the week at the Dutch Open, we want to finish top five, but I think a podium place should be achievable in the Nacra Infusion Worlds. For the Zwitserleven Round Texel we have no goal, but if we are among the first five finishers, we are very happy. I think we are realistic in our goals. There is more competition in the Dutch Open and the Round Texel, because there are more boats and great sailors. In recent weeks, we trained a lot and raced every weekend. We feel good in the boat. Hopefully there won't be twenty knots every day, like in 201."

Xander Pols and Sascha Larsen go for line honours

Besides the battle for the World title, Team Boskalis has another goal on the island of Texel this week. Xander Pols (NED) and Sascha Larsen (NED) are aiming for line honours. They want to be the fastest to sail around Texel and to be first over the finish line. For this occasion, they are added as fifth duo to Team Boskalis. Pols and Larsen sail a fast carbon Nacra 20. The battle for the Round Texel record is intense every year. There are several teams that concentrate on the line honours. Xander Pols did that twice before. His occasional crew Sascha Larsen once.

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