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America's Cup : Press Briefing by Patrizio Bertelli, Luna Rossa Challenge 2013, Almeda, USA, 17th May 2013

Patrizio Bertelli (Team Principal of Luna Rossa Challenge 2013), left, and Max Sirena, skipper, at the press briefing in Alameda, California, 17th May 2013, backed by the entire Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 team. Image copyright LUNA ROSSA/Carlo Borlenghi

Today, 17th May, at 2:30 PM local time, Patrizio Bertelli – Team Principal of Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 – met the local media at the team’s technical base in Alameda – San Francisco. The video is in Italian and English (by translation of Signor Bertelli's words by a team member).

by SailRaceWin

In summary, Patrizio Bertelli wants sailors to have better helmets and body armour, plus professional divers on the course, and paramedics, together with a helicopter to airlift anyone, as necessary. He also wants the wind speed limit lowered to 20 knots, with racing to be cancelled if wind speeds reach 22 knots.

Signor Bertelli pointed out that in Newport there was a limit of 25 knots for the Louis Vuitton Cup and 28 knots for the America's Cup itself. As with the last America's Cup, in which the Alinghi boat was designed and built for lighter wind conditions in the Middle East than those to be expected at the ultimate Valencia venue, such a change will not please other teams whose boats have been designed and built to the conditions expected for racing in San Francisco Bay.

Signor Bertelli also expressed concern that the America's Cup Review Committee chaired by Iain Murray does not want to have the power to make binding changes, but solely recommendations.

The Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 press briefing, 17th May 2013. Image copyright LUNA ROSSA/Carlo Borlenghi

Both Luna Rossa Challenge and the Review Committee are looking into design and structural improvements for the AC72. Patrizio Bertelli asked the crew (in a meeting earlier today) whether they trusted the boat and they said that they did. He also pointed out that structural issues with AC boats are not a new phenomenon, and sinking has occurred in the past due to a monohull boat literally breaking up.

Signor Bertelli confirmed that the present situation is that the Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 team will continue in the America's Cup, abiding by both the rules and spirit of the competition (the protocol and class rules). There is a suggestion from this that Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 will go out training on its boats during the period of prohibition requested by the Review Committee (i.e. before the middle of next week).

PS Ryan and Nicola Breymaier have reported seeing Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 out sailing their AC72 on San Francisco Bay, 18th May 2013.

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