Friday, 17 May 2013

America's Cup : Review Committee recommends teams suspend all AC catamaran sailing

ACEA Press conference following ARTEMIS RACING capsize and loss of Andrew Simpson - Stephen Barclay (ACEA CEO) - Ian Murray (ACRM CEO) - Captain Matt Bliven (US Coast Gards) - Captain Tom Cleary (SFPD) / San Francisco (USA) / 10-05-2013. The panel accounced that a review committee would be set up, headed by Iain Murray, and the review committee recommended to the teams yesterday to suspend all AC sailing for a week. Image copyright ACEA/Guilain Grenier

by America's Cup media

Following the first meeting of the America’s Cup Review Committee on Thursday in San Francisco, teams have been asked to suspend all sailing in AC72 and AC45 catamarans until the middle of next week.

The Review Committee is scheduled to meet with the teams for the first time on Friday morning.

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