Saturday, 4 May 2013

Gaastra Palma Vela : Shifty Wind Conditions Complicate the second day

"Antilope" (GBR) leads the ORC1 Overall after winning today's coastal race. Image copyright Martinez Studio/Gaastra PalmaVela

by Gaastra PalmaVela media

The IRC, ORC and Vintage sailed their first race today, whilst the Maxis, Wally and Soto 40 have not been able to complete their races

The Maxi yachts started after midday to race a W/L course with a Northeasterly wind of 12 knots of wind, although the Race Committee was forced to cancel the race due to a wind shift for the Wally and Maxi Classes. The Mini Maxis were lucky though to finish after the Race Committee decided to shorten the course.

Bellamente of Haup Fauth won this race, and now clearly leads the Mini Maxi class, followed by Jethou of Peter Ogden and Shockwave of George Sakellaris. This is the only race that has been able to be sailed as the rest of the classes, after four hours of shifty and soft windy conditions, have not been able to give any further starts.

The Soto 40 did not complete any race at the end due to the complicated wind conditions in their area.

J80 fleet sailing today. Image copyright Martinez Studio/Gaastra PalmaVela

First racing day for the J80’s

The local representatives have dominated the first racing day of this class, confronting once more the Pro Rigging of Javier Sanz and Bufete Frau of José Carlos Frau.

The boat of the Real Club Náutico de Palma, owned by Javier Sanz, won two races and with a third place leads, followed by the boat of the Club Nàutic s’Arenal who is second. The catalan representative, Gunter of Javier Scherk, is third at eight points distance.

David Madrazo, skipper of Pro-Rigging, is very satisfied with his crew: “We sailed correctly and won the first two races of the day. Although in the third race we took an OCS and after starting last, we remounted up to the third position.”

He also has pointed out that today has been a very difficult day for the Race Committee. “This wind direction from the north is very tricky and difficult to dealt with.”

The Flying Fifteens from the Club Náutico Cala Gamba lead with Fine Fettle of David James Barber after three races today, followed by Flying High of Vincent Harris and in third place, Tro of Emiliano Llinás.

Adair of Marcus Desauois is the leader in the Dragon class after winning the three races of the day. Jas of Agustín Roldán is second, followed by Young Tiger of Robert Holthuizen.

In the handicap rating system the wind decreased and the crew had to prove their patience and navigation skills. The ORC 1 and 2 sailed a coastal race of 13.2 miles taking them to Cap Enderrocat.

Antílope of Willem Wester wins in ORC 1, followed by Elen Nova of Christian Plump and the GC Dr. Luís Senís, skippered by Alex Rodger.

Histolab of José Juan Torres finished first in the ORC 2, followed by the Russian boat, Platinum Bank and Comet@ of Lluis Planchar, from the Club náutico of Arenys de Mar.

The ORC 3 division is lead by Yabadaba, skippered by Bernat Ripoll, followed by the representative of Alicante, Pulpo Negro of Pedro Gil, and Falbala of Tolo Català, in third place.

Cartujano of Joan Salvà leads in the ORC 4 Division, Marigan of Tim Niesenhoff clearly leads in the Vintage class after sailing a coastal race shortened five miles, due to the lack of wind.

The Norwegian boat, Assis, driven by Ole Birger, won in the IRC category, followed by Long Echo of Barry Sampsom and in third place the Dutch, La Belle of F.V. Van Belle.

Gaastra PalmaVela will hold its third competition day tomorrow with the incorporation of the Lateen Rigged and Disabled classes.

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