Thursday, 2 May 2013

Volvo Ocean Race : Driving the first VO65 to Britain

Part One

The Volvo Ocean 65 starts an epic road trip across Europe. All the big pieces are heading to England for assembly and everything's on a tight schedule.

That's why they've sent Volvo Ocean Race's Rick Deppe along to escort the massive hull on its 2,000km blast across Europe, but for this trip he's out of his element.

The journey from Persico in Italy started about as badly as it could have done and the weather is only getting worse as the convoy makes for the ferry from the Hook of Holland...

Part Two

Journey's end - the VO65 transport team are stuck on the German Autobahn with a boat full of water and a damaged cover. With the weather closing in, will they be able to deliver their precious cargo to Green Marine on time?

The last part of Rick's epic road trip across Europe with a giant carbon fibre hull is also a reminder that the Volvo Ocean Race is about so much more than racing - it's a passion and a way of life.

Volvo Ocean Race