Monday, 29 April 2013

Team Maclaren : Back in the 49erFX...

All Photos: © Team Tunnicliffe 2013 (The photos show a sequence of movements, but not of sail plans, ie no kite, kite, kite, no kite. Or Molly is very quick at pulling up and dousing the kite.)

by Anna Tunnicliffe

Molly and I wrapped up, on Thursday, four awesome days of sailing in San Francisco Bay. We sailed every day in the building breeze and sunshine. We had conditions ranging from 4-18kts and flat to choppy water. It was brilliant to get back in the boat, and notice huge improvements every day.

The forecast for the week couldn't have been better. Each day got windier and windier. Day one was perfect for us to get back in the boat to practice some simple boat handling again after a couple weeks' break. By the last day, we were feeling comfortable with all maneuvers in the wind and chop. We joked that one of the highlights of the week was that we didn't capsize!

Each day began with a gym session, before heading to the boat park around 9:30am. (I have to thank CrossFit NorCal for letting me come in and WOD). We hit the water around 11am and sailed until Molly had to be in for work at the Penninsula Youth Sailing Foundation later in the afternoon. Our main focus for the week was balance, maneuvers, and speed. With the current against the wind at the beginning of the week, we got in lots of downwind practice, and then by the end of the week, the current had switched so we ended up with a lot of upwind practice.
We have a bit of a break now though as I have my CrossFit Regionals coming up and have to put in a bit of training time for those. Molly will be getting her summer season set up for the youth program, and then in early June we will hit the water again for some training before we head to Denmark at the end of June for the European Championships.
We would like to thank our sponsor Carmeuse for their continued support of our team. We would also like to thank US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider and their sponsors for their support.