Friday, 10 May 2013

1010 4G Match Racing : Skipper Line-up for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club's International Match Race

The waters on which the 1010 4G Match Racing will take place in Hong Kong. Image copyright Full Metal Jacket Racing/Team GAC Pindar

by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club media

The resurgent match racing scene in Hong Kong goes from strength to strength with this year’s 1O1O 4G Match Racing International Regatta, organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC), attracting a clutch of top match racers from around the world.

Quadruple world champion Ian Williams (GBR) will be joined in Victoria Harbour by fourth ranked Phil Robertson (NZL), seventh ranked William Tiller (NZL) and David Gilmour, representing Australia. One of last year’s international skippers, Morten Jakobsen (THA) will be back for another crack at the title while Maximilian Soh (SIN) and Jon Eriksson (FIN) will compete in International Regatta for the first time, bringing the overseas visitors to seven. One wild card entry is still available.

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club 1010 4G match racing promotional video

These luminaries will be joined by Hong Kong’s top four match racing teams, based on the previous weekend’s 1O1O 4G Match Racing Hong Kong Nationals, also organised by RHKYC.

Match racing is a brutal one-on-one sailing contest where the rules aren't used to keep boats apart, instead being used to try and inflict a penalty turn on the opposition. Winning margins are slim and the skills required include a keen knowledge of the racing rules, lightning fast reflexes and nerves of steel as the leader fights with attack after attack from the boat behind. The regatta will pit competitors against each other in a round robin format, with the top four teams progressing to the knockout stages. The semi-finals will serve to produce the two teams which will contest the grand final.

Participants (with ISAF Match Race Ranking)

1. Ian Williams (1) GBR
2. Phil Robertson (4) NZL
3. William Tiller (7) NZL
4. David Gilmour (27) AUS
5. Morten Jakobsen (100) THA
6. Maximilian Soh (107) SIN
7. Jon Eriksson (196) FIN
8. Gunwoo Park (395) KOR
9. 2013 1O1O 4G Hong Kong Nationals 1st - Peter Backe (225) SWE
10. 2013 1O1O 4G Hong Kong Nationals 2nd - Chin Yew Seah (250) HKG
11. 2013 1O1O 4G Hong Kong Nationals 3rd - Laurence Mead (628) GBR
12. 2013 1O1O 4G Hong Kong Nationals 4th - Lui Kam HKG

Race Officials

Chief International Umpire Marianne Middelthon (NOR)
International Umpire Paco Quiñonero (ESP)
International Umpire Masaaki Tanaka (JPN)
Race Officer Inge Strompf-Jepsen (HKG)

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club