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Gaastra PalmaVela : Spectacular last competition day at the Gaastra PalmaVela

Vencedor, a Wally. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

by Gaastra PalmaVela media
“Bella Mente” wins the game on “Jethou” in the Mini Maxi class, “X-Spain” gives the surprise in the ORC2 and “Pro-Rigging” clearly wins in J80

The tenth edition of Gaastra PalmaVela says goodbye to the bay of Palma de Majorca (Spain) after a fantastic racing day with 12 knots of wind from the Southeast. The Maxis and the Vintage yachts sailed a coastal race of 21 nm taking the fleet to Illetas and to the small island of Sa Porrasa in Calvià. The rest of the classes have sailed Windward/Leeward courses.  

"Bella Mente", Mini Maxi Class winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

Match Race in the Mini Maxi class
“Bella Mente” of Haup Fauth wins in the Mini Maxi of the Gaastra PalmaVela after a tight final. The American finished second in the coastal race today and Sir Lindsay Peter Ogden finally had to conform his Jethou with a second overall. Today Ran proved to still be in form by winning the last race and Niklas Zennstrom finishes in third place over Shockwave of George Sakellaris.

"Altair", Maxi Class winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

J One, winner of the Wally class
“J One” of Jean Charles Decaux wins in the Wally class, after leading during the whole competition, followed by “Open Season” of the German Thomas Bscher, and by Magic Carpet 3” of Lindsay Owen-Jones, who finished third.

"Earlybird", Soto 40 Class winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

A clear leader from the first day in the Maxi class
No changes either in the Maxi Class, “Altair” of Boris Gusev has lead all the way through the championship. Nilaya of Filip Balcaen won today’s race and climbed up to second place, moving Virtuelle of Jean Michelle Robert to third place.

"Provezza 7", IRC winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

Three ties in the Soto40
The Soto 40 has been the tightest fleet to compete as the first three boats finished with 12 points. The final triumph has been for “Earlybird” of Hendrik Brandis with two first places, followed by the portuguese “Bigamist” of Pedro Mendoça who finished second, and “Black Pearl”, of Stefan Jentzch in third place.

"X-Spain", ORC2 winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

Local dominance in the J80 class
“Pro Rigging” of Javier Sanz has not disappointed and wins in the J80 class. The boat of the Real Club Náutico de Palma finished second and first today.
“Great Sailing” of José María van der Ploeg won two races today and climbed up to the second place overall, followed by “Bufete Frau” of José Carlos Frau.

"Pro-Rigging", J80 winner. Image copyright Studio Martinez/Gaastra PalmaVela

The Turks comeback
“Provezza 7” of Ergin Imre climbed up to the first place in the IRC class. The Turkish TP52 did not sail well at the beginning of the regatta Gaastra PalmaVela with a seventh place, but after four wins she ended as the overall winner. “Long Echo” of Barry Sampsom lost the leadership and had to do with a second place.

German triumph in the ORC1 class
“Elena Nova” of Christian Plump imposes himself in the ORC 1 with two new victories, second place for “Antílope” of Willem Wester and “GC Dr. Luis Senís”, third.

Iñaki Castañer attacks at the end
The “X-Spain” of Spaniard Iñaki Castañer changed the overall result at the end of the competition in the ORC 2 on the last day. Two first places today gives him the lead over “Airlan–Aermec” of the local sailor, Juan Cabrer, and in third place “Comet@” of Lluis Planchar. The boat from Alicante, “Pulpo Negro” of Pedro Gil wins in the ORC 3 and Cartujano in ORC 4.

The elegant Vintage Classic yachts
“Marigan” of Tim Liesenhoff closes the competition at the Gaastra PalmaVela with a new triumph in the Vintage class. The boat of the Real Club Náutico de Palma wins three races over Margarita Estalindalamar of Antón de Llano who finishes second followed by Moonbeam IV skippered by Mikael Creach.

Clear winners in the Flying and Dragon classes
After sailing nine races, Patrick Harris and his “Flying High” are the overall winners in the FF over “Fine Fettle” of David James Barber who climbed up to the second place today and in third place for “Gecko” of Michael Clough.

“Adair” of Marcus Desauois wins two races today and wins the overall in the Dragon class, followed by “Rogue” of Rom Loopik and “Young Tigre” of Robert Holthuizen.

Gran Trophy Obra Social La Caixa
Violeta del Reino wins in the Disabled class giving no option to her rivals. The second place has been for María Muñoz, followed by Jana Mestre.

Lateen Rigged boats
“Annika” of Miguel Rigo wins in the Llauts category while Ventolina of Jaime Duran does the same in the Botes class.
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